Press release

The book A New Understanding of the Universe was released the 29th of Mars 2023. It is available as an e-book on

The book provides a new model of the universe. It is a four-dimensional model with a new understanding of the direction of time. It gives us a completely new understanding of how the universe looks like and how length contraction and time dilation work in combination with the time dimension.

All discoveries are made by Egil Presttun, who is also the author of the book. The book provides rock-solid mathematical evidence of all discoveries. Normally, when new theories in physics come along, they are more or less insecure. This is not the case this time. Now it is all proven mathematically, and that makes the book truly unique. This is very good news as it takes mankind to a much better understanding of astrophysics. We now know how time began, why the universe is expanding, why distant galaxies move away from us faster than light, etc. The book introduces us to a new era in physics.

In English, the Norwegian name Egil Presttun can be pronounced as Eagle Preston.


Photos for the press:

Front cover

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Egil Presttun 1

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