We know how time began
   The most important event in our history took place 13.8 billion years ago: Time began. But how can time begin?
Egil Presttun has discovered how time began. You can now understand the logic of how that event took place, and you can understand the logic of why there is no day before the first day. More...

We know why the universe is expanding
Scientists have always believed that gravity works against the expansion of the universe. Egil Presttun has discovered why the universe is expanding. He has also discovered why gravity does not slow down the expansion rate.

We know why distant galaxies move away from us faster than light
   Nothing can go faster than light. So how can distant galaxies move away from us faster than light? Egil Presttun has solved this mystery. You can now understand the logic of how it all works.

Can a black hole explode?
According to today's physics, the universe was so small at the beginning that the entire universe must have been one massive black hole. How can such a black hole explode or expand? More...  

Space is not infinite
Egil Presttun has discovered how big the universe is. We know how many cubic light years of space are out there. Another intriguing issue is the shape of space. More...

We know why time goes slower at high speed
You know that time is relative. Now, you can learn the logic of why time goes slower at high speed. More...

Distance is also relative
There is a logical explanation to why distance is relative.

A new model of the universe
We have a brand new model of the universe now. It is a four-dimensional model. The new model agrees with our observations. All previous models have failed miserably.

Rock-solid evidence
Mathematics is one of the few things everybody can agree on. You can understand the logical and mathematical evidence of everything mentioned on this page. More...   

Experience great aha moments
The universe had its enigmas, its conundrums... recently solved! When you understand the logic of the solutions to all these mysteries, that is the best feeling there is.

The cause of the Big Bang
Egil Presttun has discovered what started the expansion of the universe in the first place.

We know what drives the expansion of space
Space itself is getting bigger. How is that possible, and what does it actually mean? Can empty space expand, and why does it expand? The logic of this is now clear.

The shape of the universe
Now, you can understand what our four-dimensional universe looks like.

Time dilation and the time dimension
Imagine that you travel almost as fast as light. Ten years later, you are only one year older. You meet your twin who has now aged ten years. Time is a dimension. Are you ten light-years forward into the time dimension or only one? If your twin is ten light-years into the time dimension and you are only one light-year into the time dimension, how can the two of you meet and have a conversation? You should be nine light-years away from each other! Now, you can understand how it works. More...

Closer to one theory of everything
With Egil Presttun's new discoveries, some laws of physics have turned into the laws of mathematics. Now, as the e-book A New Understanding of the Universe is published, we have fewer laws of physics than before. This has brought us closer to one theory of everything. More...  



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