Egil Presttun 

A New Understanding of the Universe

In the nearest future, you will find interesting information about the universe here. The logic behind how it all works will be explained. This will not just be a site with knowledge, but a site where logical ways to understand the universe will be explained.

The theory of relativity will be explained in a new way, so that it's easier to understand the logic. The speed of light is the same for all observers, regardless of which speed they have. Think of a star that sends light towards a space station. One spaceship takes off from the space station and travels away from the ray of light (away from the star that emits the light). Another spaceship takes off from the space station and travels towards the star. Both spaceships will see the light photons coming at the speed of light. How is this possible?

Light speed is the speed limit of the universe. Nothing can go faster than light, and time slows down the faster you go. At light speed, time stands still. But distant galaxies travel away from us faster than light. It is the expansion of the universe that makes this possible. Confused? The logic behind it will be explained here. Gravity doesn't manage to slow down the speed of the galaxies. The universe has its mysteries. The mysteries of the universe will be explained in a new way, and seen in a new light of logic, a new understanding of the universe will emerge. If you are interested in a better understanding of the universe, this is the site you should come back to later.


Photo: NASA